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New consulting firm launched for the off-highway vehicle industry

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

OHV Partners has launched to provide the Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) industry with a wide

range of consulting services to support the industry. OHV Partners brings together a unique group of individuals and skills to provide solutions to clients in the motorcycle and OHV industry. Specifically, services are specialized to address a wide range of needs for public and private OHV park owners, events, and race promoters.

OHV Partners provides a unique mix of services designed to provide the industry with the information and analysis needed for integrated and comprehensive decision making. Services include marketing research, economic feasibility and analysis, environmental review and planning, and market analysis. OHV Partners offers these services all in one location to provide our clients with a seamless approach to the most complex challenges and opportunities in the OHV industry.

OHV Partners combines insight and experience unmatched in the industry. Our team is uniquely qualified to support the planning and development of OHV trail systems and riding areas. Not only does our team have extensive experience in environment/site location, market analysis, economic feasibility, but we also have experience specifically within the OHV industry. We have a proven record of success in the following areas:

  • Strategic planning to ensure long-term sustainability and financial success

  • Conducting market feasibility and data-driven marketing plans based on consumer research,

  • Location citing and identification of optimal terrain to maximize consumer demand,

  • Mitigating environmental impacts and developing resource conservation plans,

  • Assembling stakeholders and building multi-agency consensus and public-private partnerships,

  • Creating funding models for planning operating scenarios and business analysis and

  • Quantifying economic impacts

OHV Partners complements our professional services with hands-on experience, as both consultants and riders. Members include Carl Ribaudo, marketing research and strategy, Tania Tries, environmental review and planning, Jeff Moffett economic analysis and Charles Halcomb, former Baja 1000 winner, and International Six Days Gold Medalist.

As the industry manages through the COVID-19 era and beyond, there are new challenges as well as opportunities that have emerged from a paradigm shift in social interaction, which is reshaping how we approach recreation and planning. “ It is time to bring all our experience together in a focused way to provide solutions to a changing OHV industry, and we look forward to serving the industry,” explains Carl Ribaudo.

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